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Andrea L. Davis, Professor of Italian

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Salve, studenti!

Benvenuti! Welcome to "Italiano con Andreina"!

Cari Studenti, (Dear Students)

Salve! Mi chiamo Professoressa Andrea "Andreina" Davis , insegnante di italiano a Los Angeles, CA.

I'm Professor Andrea "Andreina" Davis, Italian instructor in Los Angeles, CA!

I offer individual and group Italian classes, as well as serving as Adjunct Professor of Italian at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA. 

A highly interactive approach:

For over 25 years, my in-person class style has featured interactive exercises that include movement, skits, dialogues, improvisation, games, and grammar lessons infused with tricks for learning which I've developed while working with students ages 8 to 80. 

How the pandemic has shifted and even improved my teaching: 

Since the onset of the pandemic, many of my classes have moved online to the Zoom platform. Suddenly, it's easier for students to meet with me now that they don't have to leave their homes. But the lack of in-person connection has presented a new challenge that I've risen to meet: how to deliver the same quality lessons remotely. In 2020, I dedicated countless hours to creating entertaining instructional content and honing my skills in the online classroom through my private and group classes and courses at College of the Canyons.

Catering classes to the needs of each student:

One thing that hasn't changed is my dedication to my students. I'm also an entertainer by trade, so I'm committed to making classes as fun as possible while still getting serious about teaching the structure of the language. When a student begins private lessons with me, I create a course curriculum based on the students' personal interests and goals. For those who are planning a move to Italy, we'll delve into practical topics for daily life. For those who are planning a vacation in Italy, we'll focus on the needs of a tourist. I am also very happy to answer any travel questions you may have or refer you to my many wonderful colleagues in the Italian tourism field.

Translating services:

In addition to teaching Italian, I also offer English-Italian and Italian-English translating services as well as dialect coaching for actors and singers.

Take a look around my site, and if you're interested in chatting about your language goals, translation, or coaching needs, email me on the contact page. 

Non vedo l'ora di conoscervi! I can't wait to meet you!

Cordiali saluti,

Professoressa Andrea "Andreina" Davis




Pepperdine University

Professoressa Davis has joined the adjunct faculty of Pepperdine University for Fall 2021.

She is thrilled to be teaching Italian 151 and 152 in-person on the Malibu campus.

College of the Canyons

Italian 101 with Professoressa Davis begins August 24, 2021 at College of the Canyons.

This is an OnlineLIVE class that combines online coursework and two synchronous classes that meet remotely on Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:25pm - 4:50pm.

No prerequisite.

Student Testimonials

Professor Davis has taught me to understand spoken Italian and to respond in Italian. 
She is able to keep all students enthusiastic and involved, even on Zoom. Her corrections are patient and thorough and given joyfully and with praise.
- Rae Aaselund
Italian Intensive Zoom group class 


Want to learn a new language while still maintaining a fit lifestyle? Professoressa Davis incorporates cool, creative, on-your-feet activities to learn Italian. You will also be exposed to Italian shows and events. Professoressa Davis took us to see the LA Opera's, La Traviata. It was one of the most memorable experiences. In her class, you really learn and engage with the language. I consider my self semi-trilingual thanks to Professoressa Davis. She is always there to help and I encourage you to enroll. Ciao e in bocca al lupo. 

- Francesco Magana-Huanosto,

Italian 101, College of the Canyons


Professoressa Andrea,

I want to say thank you for all your good work in teaching the Italian language. My sincere appreciation is for not only your teaching skills, but also the enthusiasm that you bring to every one of your classes. 

The methods you use to teach are very creative.  You show how learning to speak Italian is not just a memory exercise. Instead, we participate in classroom activities that make learning fun and enjoyable.  As a class, we learn together. 

Also, you should know that I was one of those students who had the desire to learn to speak Italian but lacked the confidence to even believe this was possible.  Well, you must be doing something right, because I have enrolled in every one of your classes since my first.


Joseph “Giuseppe” Gamgene